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Valentina Chiaro

Compliance Manager

Valentina is the Compliance Manager for Maximus Italia, and she is responsible for compliance with contractual standards, accreditation requirements, and any other relevant legislation of the services provided in the context of Active Labor Market Policies and Skill Training.

Valentina is also responsible for implementing and maintaining a framework of internal policies and procedures, identifying the risks associated with the business, and creating and monitoring control mechanisms by acting as the primary contact on quality matters and as a facilitator in the relationship with external audits.

Valentina studied Law and has always believed in the importance of integrity and ethics. Still, it was undoubtedly during her work experiences in the Compliance field, first in the insurance sector, then in the IT sector at Microsoft for almost four years, and now in the industry of Active Labor Market Policies and Skill Training in Maximus, to have developed these values ​​and to want to transmit them both internally to colleagues, and externally, to collaborators and partners to establish a relationship of trust, essential for the reputation of a company.