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Would you like to grow your company by focusing on the development of your resources? Give your business an edge and improve your team's skills with Maximus Academy.

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In Maximus, we understand that the right combination of learning, training and skills development delivers better results.


Our offer

Formazione Continua in the Lombardy Region: courses financed through a Lombardy Region voucher

Lombardy Region finances training courses aimed at strengthening the skills of workers, entrepreneurs, and freelance.

If you are an employer, owner or partner, an employee, a self-employed person, or a freelance, Maximus, as an accredited provider in the Lombardy Region for training services, offers a wide range of training courses that can be financed through a voucher of a maximum value of € 2,000 per person (€ 50,000 maximum per company) to be spent on training courses related to the following thematic areas:

• Smart Working
• Business competitiveness
• Digital skills
• Organization and logistics
• Languages
• Social and Welfare (third sector)

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Business Skills Training for companies

Maximus offers a wide range of training courses financed by inter-professional funds, bilateral providers, and other types of funds.

We offer a consulting service to find the most suitable course for your employees and support companies in the necessary procedures.

Maximus supports companies in mapping business needs and defining expectations and objectives so that each course is created "on-demand" and adapted to the company's needs.

There are more than 40 courses available in the following thematic areas:

• Training for Executives
• Smart Working
• Business competitiveness
• Digital skills
• Organization and logistics
• Languages
• Social and Welfare (third sector)
• Mandatory safety training

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Team Building activities for your company (Christmas Edition)

Tired of the usual corporate Christmas dinner? Are you looking for an original activity to consolidate team relationships in your company?

Maximus Academy offers you different formats of Christmas-themed Team Building activities.

Discover the activities by downloading the brochure.

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Training is important to…

Increase motivation and retain staff, enhancing the expertise gained. New skills generate competitive advantages for your company.

Plan for the future

In an ever-changing world, equip your employees with transferable and soft skills to keep them engaged and stimulated. Faced with transformations, teams equipped with soft skills find better ways to work together, becoming a winning team.

Invest in skills

Employees who receive the necessary training do their job better. Improving your skills means increasing the understanding of the responsibilities attached to your role and strengthening your self-awareness. The confidence you gain translates into improved effectiveness and competitive edge.

Increase motivation

When the employer invests in training, employees feel appreciated. Training creates a favorable working environment, where employees feel motivated by growth opportunities.