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Mauro Sanfilippo

Senior Case Manager, Milan

Mauro graduated in Social, Labour and Organizational Psychology with honours. He began his career in training companies and small employment agencies, constantly dealing with professional guidance and support for the reintegration into work of unemployed people or people at risk of unemployment, young people looking for their first professional opportunity, people belonging to fragile or disadvantaged categories. After a Master in Organization and Management of Human Resources, he moved to Rome. In 2017, he worked in a significant employment agency as a Recruiter and was in charge of the provision, design and management of regional measures of Active Labour Market Policies.

Mauro joined Maximus in March 2021 with the role of Case Manager at the Milan office, dealing with outplacement and job accompaniment services within the Active Labour Market Policies co-financed at national, regional, and European level. Over the months, he has been involved in the coaching service for the Dote Unica Lavoro Program.

Since January 2022, he has held the role of Senior Case Manager, supporting his team in managing, planning, and directing Active Labour Marketing Policies.