Maximus is an accredited provider for employment and training services in Lombardy, with offices in Milan and Varese

Maximus adheres to the Youth Guarantee (Garanzia Giovani) and Dote Unica Lavoro programs

All citizens, workers and/or employers, residents of (or domiciled in) Lombardy Region, will be welcomed at our accredited offices by qualified,  professional staff. Here they can access employment services aimed at supporting, defining and achieving their professional goals.

Contact Maximus for:

  • Information, advice and guidance on Active Labor Market Policies and Training courses
  • Assessment of competencies and skills
  • Personal career advice and guidance, delivered on a one-to-one basis or in group.
  • Training tailored to needs and professional goals
  • Advice and guidance and pre-employment support.
  • HR consultancy to meet professional and business needs of employers
  • Promotion of internships
  • Continuous support, before and during job placement

Supported Programs

Both programs are designed to help people enter or re-enter the labor market and are implemented within the initiatives promoted by the Regional Operational Program co-financed by the European Social Fund.