Job Seekers

We support people in defining their professional and career pathway and to develop autonomy and knowledge in searching for employment. This is done through tailored development of specific skills, and by providing continuous support before and after gaining employment. Please register to be able to participate at the employment service programs.


We are committed to supporting job seekers in their search for sustainable and meaningful job opportunities

Our approach combines planning, personal engagement, and support to help you succeed.

  • We will work with you to understand your specific skills, interests, and experience 
  • Your dedicated case manager - who is a labor market expert – will help you identify the most suitable opportunities and supports you applying for these in the most effective way, maximizing your chances for success.

We're here to support you.


Regions and Programs we support

The Maximus Method - The path of jobseekers leading to a satisfying job

Our employment services model is structured on the core principles of helping job seekers secure sustainable work and offering them continuous support. The model is not meant to be a linear process and job seekers will move dynamically between the stages and steps during their journey according to their needs.

Our services aim to improve attendance, progression, job placement and job retention.

Preparing for work

  • Initial contact

    Before we can help you find the right job, we will take the time to get to know you. We will then help you build upon your strengths and capabilities, providing the support and resources you need to secure meaningful, sustainable employment.

    Your journey begins with a 1-to-1 interview with a dedicated case manager, who is a labor market expert. Together, we will create a personal development plan that will guide you in your search for employment. 

    Your plan will include tailored activities designed to help prepare you for work, giving you access to guidance and resources that can prepare you in applying for jobs.

  • Assessment

    At your first appointment, your case manager - who is a labor market expert - will work with you to help you to identify your strengths, transferrable skills and understand any challenges. This will help:

    • Identify suitable jobs for you
    • Focus on your strengths
    • Plan on what support you may need while working

Applying for jobs

  • Support

    Your case manager will guide you through the job search process. Our staff will offer expert advice, moral support and a variety of tools and services. The aim is to give you the confidence to effectively search for jobs independently by sending targeted applications.

    Your case manager - who is a labor market expert - works with you to stay on top of your job search efforts. As part of our ongoing support, you will receive: 

    • Tips and ideas of how to search for work
    • Face-to-face appointments to review your progress every two weeks
    • Appointment and interview reminders
    • Access to group sessions each week to help with:
    • Motivating and energizing your job search
    • Efficient CV writing
    • Ameliorate presentation skills
  • Job Search

    Finding work can be challenging but there are many ways in which we can help improve the way you search for potential jobs and ensure you have the best chance of success in applying. We will provide you with: 

    • Job vacancies and alerts 
    • Email, SMS and social media alerts for vacancies, links to job tips and resources
    • Work-simulation and Role-Playing activities during Maximus workshops to help you improve your employability skills
    • Opportunities to participate in training sessions to develop skills 

Ensuring success

  • Success

    We provide ongoing support, access to job offers, workshops, and unlimited use of our resource center.

    Once you've secured a job, our partnership will go on. We will continue to support you to make sure you are happy, secure and successful in your work.
    Your case manager will stay in touch with you to make sure you can overcome any challenges or issues you might come up against in the course of your employment.

    Through informal discussions, we can help you address issues such as: 

    • Settling into your new work environment
    • Gaining confidence
    • Meeting expectations

Maximus STAR program

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