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Ilaria Cangiulli

Senior Trainer, Milan

Ilaria graduated in Sociology in 2010 with a research thesis on associations and the development of social capital, subsequently participating in various projects concerning civic participation. She continued her social research activity at the Ecuadorian Consulate General in Milan with a publication for the University of Pavia about family reunification.

Between 2012 and 2016, she was involved in European mobility programs that led her to collaborate first with the Spanish Red Cross in the immigration sector and then with another NGO to support people at risk of social exclusion, to relocate them to the immigration market.

In addition to classroom experiences as a trainer on soft skills, communication, and digital skills, in Italy, Ilaria worked at various institutions as a tutor for Active Labor Market Policies and subsequently as a coordinator of the training office for courses for young people and adults.

Ilaria joined Maximus in October 2019 with the role of Trainer, and in February 2021, she became Senior Trainer.