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Garanzia Giovani (Youth Guarantee) Program


Garanzia Giovani (Youth Guarantee) is a free service for job seekers aged 15-29 years old with an aim to increase employability opportunities for young job seekers. It offers a range of services provided by either public or private operators on behalf of Regione Lombardia. 

The Garanzia Giovani is a practical initiative that can help young people enter the world of work, enhance their skills and educational attainment. It offers personalized services of coaching and mentoring, training and job placement and job sustainment. 
The Garanzia Giovani offers the following range of services:

  • Information and guidance 
  • Assessment of competencies and skills
  • Individualized Employment Plan 
  • One on one coaching and support 
  • Groups workshops and training activities 
  • Vocational training services and vocational certification 
  • Employability services aimed at work preparedness, job search, work placement, and work sustainment 
  • Apprenticeship and work experience 
  • Traineeship