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Dote Unica Lavoro Program

Dote Unica Lavoro is a free service for citizens over 30 years old and employers in Lombardy with an aim to increase employability opportunities for job seekers and fill employers’ vacancies. It offers a range of services provided by either public or private operators on behalf of Regione Lombardia. It focuses on tailor-made and individualized support offered to job seekers based on their individual needs to help them enter or re-enter the labor market. The Dote program lasts between 180 and 360 days for job seekers, based on the intensity of the support needed. 

Dote Unica Lavoro offers the following range of services:

  • Information and guidance 
  • Assessment of competencies and skills
  • Individualized Employment Plan 
  • One on one coaching and support 
  • Groups workshops and training activities 
  • Vocational training services and vocational certification 
  • Employability services aimed at work preparedness, job search, work placement, and work sustainment 

Key principles:

  • Freedom of choice: Job Seekers are able to choose among public and private accredited providers 
  • Personal Budget: Job Seekers have a personal budget that can be used up on training and employment services that meet their own personal needs – tailor-made services 
  • Competition: Accredited private and public agencies are both able to provide the services to promote the quality of the delivery 
  • Focus on results: Programme focuses on sustained employment