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Chiara Mazza

Senior Trainer, Milan

Chiara begins her path as an English teacher in 2012, during her bachelor’s degree at the ‘Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori’ (University for Interpreters and Translators) of Trieste, teaching to adults and teenagers at the school ‘Associazione Culturale Orizzonti dell’Est e dell’Ovest’. It is her experience at ‘Inglese Dinamico by Nancy Rose Steinbock’ in Venice, though, which persuades her to start a career-oriented to people and special individual needs, dealing with language teaching to students with SpLDs (Specific Learning Difficulties).

Chiara earned her master’s degree in Language Science in 2017 with a thesis about deaf university students and students with learning and reading impairments in the foreign language curriculum and keeps on training further in language teaching to students with Special Needs. She works for Open Minds Srl as a language teacher, SpLDs specialist, and course designer until the end of 2020. Her training courses for primary and secondary school language teachers obtain the Miur (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research) accreditation.

Chiara has worked as a Trainer for Maximus since 2021 and as a Senior Trainer since February 2022.