Helping people transform their lives

We support people to acquire autonomy and awareness during the job search, through the development of targeted skills, and by providing continuous assistance before and after the employment.

Programs we support

Job seeker journey to meaningful employment

Our employment services model is structured on the core principals of supporting job seekers into sustainable work and to provide the right support at the right time.

The model is not a linear process and job seekers will move dynamically between the stages and steps during their journey.

Our services aim to improve attendance, progression, placements, and sustainability.

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Recruitment services

Our dedicated employer services team provides flexible and tailored services free of charge to meet your workplace needs. We do this by implementing programs designed to help job seekers find and maintain employment. Our services to you as an employer are scalable to your business and include:

  • A field-based team who understand the needs of your business
  • Candidate screening and vacancy assessments to ensure the best candidates for your requirements
  • Bespoke support to fulfill your hiring needs
  • Labor market resources to support local businesses
  • Planning, coordination, and availability of client solutions advisors for major projects and/or seasonal recruitment requirements
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